The A-Player Delivery System
The sign of a great leader is one that can attract and retain a team of top performers.  
If you want to be an A-Player Leader, then you need the support of a trusted IT recruitment expert whom you can retain to deliver top-performers, one who can give you A-Players results.
Common IT Hiring Challenges
Addressed by Perspective Talent's
A-Player Delivery System
  • IT Recruiters don't understand technology

Recruiters who have no real experience in technology and who only know IT Buzzwords don’t truly understand your hiring needs.  They are unable to articulate what each candidate brings to the table. They are wasting your time by you having to review poor-fit resumes and interview less than A-Player candidates.

  • Critical IT roles are vacant for too long

In this tight labor market, by the time you're ready to hire, your candidate is either choosing between multiple offers or has already gone off the market. 

  • You're not seeing A-Player candidates

You see a great resume, and when you interview the candidate you determine that they don’t have the depth of experience that you thought they did base on their resume

  • Mis-hires are becoming problematic for you and your career

You've made some bad hires that are causing issues within the organization including; decreased morale, increased turnover risk, missed project deadlines, and higher stress for you and the rest of the team

  • Project deliverables are impacted by the lack of skilled IT resources

Your vacancies are affecting projects and project deliverables.  Your staff is trying to pick up the slack, which is causing increased project costs, higher stress levels, lack of proper planning, and delayed candidate interviews.  Ultimately, this may lead to high attrition, compounding the issues.  

  • Recruiters aren't treating your critical roles with urgency 

Most recruiters only fill about 10% of the jobs they work on.  Most of their efforts are focused on the low hanging fruit.  They can't afford to perform a deep-dive on a search when they only have a 10% chance of filling.  They are not acting as a Strategic Partner, but as a broker trying to make a quick buck, leaving you with unfilled positions or worse a mis-hire. 

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