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Best Time to Get to Know an Executive Recruiter

Every day I receive a dozen unsolicited resumes from executives in career transition. Like most Executive Recruiters, I like to work with executives that I have a relationship with. Those executives are at the top of our list to help. Relationships trump talent every day of the week. Mediocre, unqualified executives get great jobs on a regular basis. Why? Because they have strong relationships, and someone in their network gets them into the job. People hire the candidates they know and like. If I have three candidates and they all have the same skill set, I’ll submit the candidate that I know. Why? Because I know and trust them. My clients expect me to personally vouch for the candidates I submit.

Many don’t realize the influence an Executive recruiter has when it comes to the hiring process. Recruiters are the gatekeepers of talent for businesses, if you can get them on your side you stand a better chance of getting that dream job in the future.

The best Recruiters work with executives they know and trust. Meeting a Recruiter for the first time when you are unemployed is a weak strategy. Possibly you can pull it off if you are ideally suited for a position they are working on, but it’s not ideal.

Do you want to be on the top of a Recruiters “go-to” candidate list when you need it? It’s simple, help them out with referrals, check in with them regularly when you DON’T need a job, stay in touch and build a relationship. If you don’t have a good IT Executive Recruiters in your back pocket, let’s talk now (, before you need my help. Build the bridge before you need to cross the river.

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