Item List

Austin Habich

Austin has 10 years of experience as a Technical Project Manager with solid experience in both Infrastructure and Software projects. He has experience with telephony, firewall, implementation/standup projects, and good experience with AWS and some Azure experience. His communication and leadership skills are very good. He mentioned that he likes to overcommunicate during a project, which, as the face of IT, is something that would give stakeholders a sense of transparency.

Lauren Flagg

Lauren has 7 years of experience as an IT professional and 5 years as a Product Owner. She has good experience with both B2B and B2C products and is adept at managing multiple teams and roadmaps. She is exceptionally skilled at Agile methodologies and SDLC. Lauren presents as professional, detailed, and thoughtful with good communication skills.

Trina McKinzie

Trina is an experienced Product Owner with a strong understanding of Agile Scrum, excellent communications skills, and a strong work ethic. Trina currently resides in a small town in Northern California. She has been working on short-term contract assignments (mostly for the State) for the past few years and is looking for a permanent role to help manage an organization’s software product development.